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BBQ Chix ala Danutella

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Spring is finally here!

Walking around in my neighborhood I am starting to smell all these delicious aromas in the air...yeah it is time to bust out your grills!

And with that thought lingering I have dug up one of my grilling recipes ;) Enjoy!

Marinade for the Chicken

  • (4) Spoons of soy sauce

  • (4) Spoons of honey

  • (1) Spoon of olive oil

  • (1) Spoon of balsamic vinegar

  • (1) Spoon of mustard

  • (1) Spoon of ketchup

  • (1) Teaspoon of ground ginger

Potato Skins:

  • Cut potatoes in half

  • Scrape the inside

  • Season with salt pepper and fresh garlic

  • Top it off with smoked Gouda cheese

  • Seal them with tooth picks and grill

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